Craft Show Must Haves


 Craft shows can be overwhelming, especially if you've never participated in one before and are unsure on what you will need! Below are some craft show essentials to get you started! 


Having a sign with your business name and branding is super important. It will elevate your booth to look and feel much more professional! It is a good way to get more customers to your booth and grow your social media platforms when they are able to know the name of your business!


Always make sure to bring business cards for shoppers to quickly grab in case they are not ready to purchase the day of or maybe you have already sold out of a product but they can purchase online to receive at a later date. If you do custom orders, this is especially important for you to have so that they can contact you about a custom order they would like to make! (It would also be a good idea to create or purchase an order form for custom orders.)


No one would enjoy going into a store and having to dig or ask someone to find out the price of something. When setting up your display, keep that in mind for your booth as well. Having clear pricing and signs eliminates any of those types of problems.


If you have tables for your products you will want to have tablecloths for your tables. This keeps everything looking clean and put together. I use white table cloths from amazon to keep my booth bright and airy but always go with what will look best for your brand! Make sure you know what size table you will be using. I have two 8 foot table cloths but have two 6 foot tables. My first craft show, the table was provided by the event and was 8 feet so that is what I bought but they still fit my 6 foot tables that I use now. 


Many businesses use cash, Venmo, Cash-app, Pay-Pal, Square, or Shopify pos. You will want to use the easiest payment method for your business but always make sure you have cash on hand to make change for your customers who prefer using cash. 


Nothing is worse than being hungry or thirsty and you can't leave to go grab something to eat. Make sure to pack snacks and something to drink. Your health is most important and these events can drain your energy quickly so be sure to take care of yourself!


After someone purchases from you, ask them if they would like their purchase put into a bag. Most of the time they will say yes. This allows them to carry their purchase around easily and safely while they continue to shop at other booths. I purchase brown paper bags from amazon and they work great and can be reused many times! 


Notebook, pens, tape, string, scissors, and anything you think you may need in case something needs fixed up or needs written down! It never hurts to be over prepared :) Lastly, if you are not comfortable attending an event by yourself, ask a friend or family member if they will come along and help out for the day. The extra help is always appreciated!

This list is a great starting point if you are wanting to start attending craft shows and markets. Just remember to have clear signage, cash, shopping bags, backup stationary items and food and water! I hope these tips helped give you a better idea of what you should bring so that you can start attending craft shows confidently, knowing you have what you need! 

-Annabelle :)

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